Star Trekkin' Moby Dick -ARC Residencia, Galeria NAC, Santiago

Pendulum Rising - La Despreciada

Jumping Jack Lithuanian Flash - Kaunas CENTRAS Residency

Europium Bat - SixtyEight Art Institute

Trojan Barclays Horse -Instatata Kunsthal Aarhus

The Future of Law Enforcement -Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City

Ballistic First Movers - OK Corral

Surfin' The Bucharest Billboards - Bucharest Biennale 7

Squashing- Udstillingsstedet Sydhavn Station

Faktura- Udsillingsstedet Q

Tester Tester- Ringsted Galleriet

Lehman Brothers Cooperative Discourse

Campbell's Milk Snake Pit Stop - Malmö Konsthal

The Crude Oil Meter - Toves Galleri

Put and Take Invagination - Alt_Cph

Desire and Disappearance - NLHspace